Whirlwinds Speed Academy offers a weekly schedule of non skill-based classes to fit any kid.

Whether you want to get your kid into better shape, take a more relaxed approach, or work the arms

or core, we’ve got a class with a spot just for your child.

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Kids will learn about proper warm-ups and cool-downs performed in all Whirlwinds Speed Academy classes. Through expertly designed fitness drills kids will improve physical fitness through cardio and body strength conditioning. Our training will promote proper alignment and safely maximize results, while reducing chances for injury. Kids will learn proper technique and basic muscle physiology in this 45 minute program.

Kids who participate in this program will get fit by increasing resistance, improving motor skills, and elevating strength. Our total body workout is designed to get kids moving. It combines all aspects of fitness for an ultimate full body challenge. Most of all, your child will have a healthier heart, better emotional health, and more energy!



Namaste! Kids will become in tune with their minds and bodies. School pressure, video games, and competitive sports are all contributing factors to childhood stress. Kids will learn how to release stress, enhance flexibility, regulate blood pressure, and improve coordination!

Our classes focus on healthy child development and kid empowerment for children of all ages. 

  • Breathe work helps to develop concentration, focus, and an overall sense of calmness

  • Flexibility, strength, balance, create healthy body awareness and reduce tension in the body

  • Mindfulness and SEL helps to self regulate, emotions and become resilient and confident

  • Improve cardio and circulatory health and improve athletic performance

  • Reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and helps to make healthier life choices

"The Body Benefits From Movement, and the Mind Benefits From Stillness" – Sakyong Mipham

Weights at Gym


Basic Strength: Ages 11 - 15

Perfect for the beginner athlete, the Basic Strength program introduces strength training concepts with an emphasis on proper form, movement patterns, bodyweight resistance training, progressive programming and injury prevention. This program develops the foundation for an athlete’s relative strength while teaching optimal body mechanics in a safe, fun environment. Basic Strength is an add-on to the Total Performance program.

Advance Strength: Ages 13 - 18

Provides a sport-specific protocol for the high-level athlete to develop strength in areas that will directly transfer to their chosen sport. This high-level training pushes athletes to the next level, giving them a competitive edge as they prepare to compete at the high school or collegiate level. Advanced Strength is an add-on to the Elite Sports Performance program.

Elite Strength: Ages 14 - 18

This program is for the athlete who wants to add muscle mass and/or focus more on

overall strength. Our fitness partners at Pinnacle Athletic Center provide strength training

routine that will exceed expectations!

For more information on our strength programs, please contact us or see the Welcome Desk.